Carry-on Luggage

What you need to pack

  1. Crew Cooler- This is the number one item you need. A crew cooler is a spacious bag to keep all your food items in one convenient place. It fits easily on top of a rollerboard, under most airplane seats and overhead bins. It also keeps your food items cold for long periods of time with it's superior insulation. Crew coolers can be conveniently found on, or
  2. Electric Travel Skillet (6-7 inch)- Cooking and warming food in your hotel room is made easy with this little skillet. It doesn't take up a lot of space in a rollerboard, plugs in to an electrical outlet, heats quickly and is easy to clean. The high edges make it perfect for warming soup and stew in addition to other warm dishes. You can find one conveniently on
  3. Rubber Spatula- Use this along with your electric skillet.
  4. Dish Soap- Carry dish soap in a travel-shampoo container with a twist top lid and use to clean the electric skillet in your hotel room.
  5. Travel Yoga Mat- When you don't want to or can't go to the hotel gym, use this lightweight, easy to pack mat for an in-room workout. Travel yoga mats can be easily found on