Peppermint oil encourages energy and alertness, opens airways, assists in cooling the body, promotes healthy digestion, comforts the stomach, has anti-inflammatory properties and freshens breath. Here are several ways to use peppermint throughout your trip:

  • Oil- Add a drop to tea or water to help comfort the stomach and encourage energy and alertness. Be sure to only use non-plastic cups and containers when using peppermint as it will draw the toxins out of the plastic causing you to consume them and break the plastic down.
    Rub 1 drop (diluted with carrier oil for sensitive skin) on the bottom of feet or back of spine to encourage a lower body temperature.

    Place one drop of oil in your hand, rub hands together and breath in deeply or smell directly from the bottle to encourage energy and alertness (this is especially helpful during red-eye flights.)

    Rub one drop (diluted with carrier oil for sensitive skin) on temples and/or back of neck to comfort a headache or tension. Do the same on the chest to promote clear airways.

    Rub 1-2 drops (diluted with a carrier oil for sensitive skin) into sore muscles for comfort.

  • Beadlets- Swallow 1-2 beadlets to sooth an upset stomach.
    Pop one beadlet in the back of your mouth to promote fresh breath. This is especially helpful during service when you aren't allowed to chew gum.

  • Breathe Oil- This oil contains peppermint, along with other respiratory supporting oils. Rub breath or peppermint oil (diluted with a carrier oil for sensitive skin) on the chest before a flight, sleep and/or workout to promote open airways. Open airways allow your body to take in more oxygen, sending it to the brain for clearer thinking, energy, alertness and better quality sleep.
  • Breathe Vapor Rub- This convenient stick makes application easy and packs well. Use in the same manor as above.
  • Breathe Throat Drops- Prevent your throat and sinuses from drying out and encourage open airways by using these convenient, easy to pack lozenges.
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