Initial Training

How to begin your healthy journey

1. Purchase a Crew Cooler. Keep your food cold for hours with this uniform-compliant bag. It is easy to attach to your rollaboard and fits under most airplane seats and in overhead bins. You can find Crew Coolers conveniently at these locations:, or
2. Purchase a travel-size electric skillet (6-8 inches). Quickly and easily warm or cook food in your hotel room. The non-stick surface is ideal for effortless in-room cleaning. You can find these skillets conveniently on
3. Stock your kitchen. Under "Wellness On The Fly Pantry" you will find a list of items commonly used in the recipes featured on this site. To save on time, keep these items stocked in your kitchen.
4. Change your shopping habits. When at the grocery store, focus on shopping the perimeter which contains fresh, whole foods. Eventually, make your way to the health food isles for things such as nuts, seeds, broth, preferred milk substitute, whole grains, spices and other cooking essentials. When shopping the middle isles, read labels carefully, even with familiar products as ingredients have a tendency to change. Avoid items if you don't know what the listed ingredients are. Even if something is labeled "All Natural", be sure to read the ingredients.
5. Make a list. Changing your routine is challenging. If you try to do everything at the same time, your chances for success are smaller. Don't let yourself become overwhelmed. Write down all of the changes you wish to make in your life, putting them in order of importance. Begin working on number one. Once that change becomes a natural part of your day, start on number two. Continue down your list using this same method until everything you listed has become a part of your regular routine.
6. Stock you freezer with home-made meals.  Establish a prep day, cooking several meals, dividing them into individual serving containers and placing them in the freezer. Frozen meals are perfect for travel; they keep your food cold and ice packs frozen for the first day and provide you with a healthy warm meal while away. Stocking these meals in the freezer is beneficial after a trip as well. Come home and have an effortless, comforting meal in minutes. Several freezer-friendly recipes can be found under "Crew Meals- Hot Meals"
Changing your routine is a huge process. It doesn't happen overnight- there are good days and bad days but eventually it will become second nature.